Painfully Optimistic -vs- Scared To Fail

I know that I can't be the only one that feels this way sometimes. In order to move forward in life you must make changes, sometimes they are small adjustments and sometimes they are huge and frightening. I always seem to be stumbling into the latter. I have been searching all my life for the perfect career and went from one unsatisfying job to another. I am re-training soon to go into yet another career and part of me is so scared that I will fail again. I have worked as a hair dresser, then a pastry chef, in animal care and now I'm starting courses for vet nursing. I can see myself enjoying the satisfaction of this career. I want to move out of the city and work in rural farming, or near the beach. That would be my dream and motivation, to reach this goal. Sometimes it feels like I will never reach it because I have failed in the past so many times that I expect failure to happen eventually.

Is there any advice out there on how to calm nerves and boost self-confidence?

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Thankyou for your wonderful, caring comments. I need to suround myself with this kind of positive energy. I really want to better myself and I was losing a bit of optimism along the way. It great to be around people who care, even when we havent met. It makes me believe there are a few more good people in the world than I thought, which makes the world a much warmer kind of place : )

Maybe you can try picturing yourself enjoying what you do. and feeling fulfilled in it. the better your imagination can picture it...the better you will feel about it. But you have to do this on a consistent enough basis so that it will change the way you feel about the task another helpful was is to pray about it...prayer can change the way we feel about the challenges and situations. Just know that there is no quick and easy fix. Anything significant and enduring takes time, effort and consistency. But you know when you come to the end of that road you have taken and been faithful and consistent in your will feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment like nothing else. And it's important in life to have something like that to look forward to as a reward for your sacrifices

I'm coming off of the "latter" sort of large change too - so I feel you on this one. <br />
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What I've done to calm my nerves and boost my confidence has been to spend a little time every day reminding myself of each and every awesome thing I did that day, and to remind myself of my strengths and good qualities - it's amazing how much confidence you can gain if you keep at it.<br />
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Life's not about the destination since there's only one final destination, and only idiots rush toward that. Life is about the journey - and doing our best to enjoy ourselves and live fulfilling and happy lives along the way. I'm still learning how to do this, and I've got a LONG way to go, but I say do your best to have fun and look at the good parts of you.