My Hubby Is In Long Term Care, And I Have A Boyfriend

i'm 47. my hubby is 84. its my 3rd marriage. my first hubby put me in the emergency room, high on coke. my second one after 10 years, got a 20 year old pregnant. so after many years, i was cleaning for an elderly couple. i loved how he doted on his wife. he showed her so much love. 8 months after she passed away we got married.  he was 75, i was 38. hes in long term care for the last 4 years. hes had a bad stroke, plus has alzeimers. half the time i'm his first, second or 3rd wife. hes always wanting me to sell things we don't have. ..... he mostly just yells at me. my daughter convinced me to get my first computer a year ago xmas. i was seriously considering suicide, because i was so lonely.

i started looking for a companion. male... it took a year, but i found a wonderfull man. he knows all about my hubby. i go to his place an hour and a half away for 2 weeks a month. and home for 2 weeks. my hubby of course is very mad i'm gone for that long.i lie to him , about where i am. i've lost the respect of a couple friends, most of my family....

BUT I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN. i feel loved. real love. i have a reason to live......

i sure would like a few new friends. PLEASE don't judge me to harshly.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I'm almost jealous! *grin* You can get away for 2wks a month?! Lucky lady! Would love to see you write more elsewhere about your new guy.<br />
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I can't relate to the older hubby tho . . . seems I have a thing for younger guys. ;-)

thanku thanku thanku. yes my new man is 54.