My Childhood Sucked. So What!

Even though my childhood was pure crap and I was really really depressed for quite some time I have taken an attitude of what I like to call "Untouchable Optimism" it's where I won't even joke or entertain myself with bad or negative thoughts or ideas and any one dishing out any form of pessimism I see them and turn & take off running in the opposite direction like a bat otta Heck! LOL, think happy thoughts or depression is not far off. Also once you learned all the life lessons you can from past experiences then there's no need to continue to reminisce about them cuz all that does is breathe new life into the old pain,sadness,and hurt feelings,disapointment,etc So I ask you how can you learn from your mistakes and move forward if you keep wallowing in the terribly painful memories of the past? Don't ever forget what this group is about " I Can't Change the Past But I can Change My Future".

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Thanks Hannah that is so true what you said about always being depressed like that all the time it's all the good things in your life are invisible but only to you and it's really frustrating when you can't seem to pull your self out of your self loathing state and join the land of the living s to speak, lol.

CrazyBlogGirl, it seems like you've taken a page from my diary...that is exactly the way I feel. Growing up I was depressed all the time, and I've let depression rob me of so much that was good in my life. And you know what? I learned something else. Being down all the time, being in depression brings ill fortune into your life..because you're always thinking about the're never looking at the possibilities and opportunities before you. Better to let go of self pity, and exchange it for clear eyed thought. By being ob<x>jective, logical, rational, you are able to gauge your situation and know where you stand. Also by accepting yourself for who you are, you are able to be more competent in weighing your responsibilities and making your life's decisions.

i agree.. im another who had a childhood from hell. And it is not going to ruin my future. Just smile and move on whats done is done we cant change it so why reminis in pitty.<br />
all the best (sorry for the spelling :) )

I understand what you're going through, my childhood was pure hell. I'm 24 now and still struggle with it everyday. But it wasn't until I had my son, who is now 4, I was able to get my life back, and truely understand the meaning of true love. He gives me a reason not to be my parents or anyone else that ruined my early life. N Everyday (if your life me) you have to get out of bed, make a concious decision that today it not going to be a rerun of my past, paste a smile on your face, and say HERE I AM WORLD TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME :-). And, Good for you for doing so :-).

Thank you for your comments, yes free will is an awesome gift from god. I also know that there are positive people in the world I think I left that out by mistake, so even though i've had my runins with the "Debbi Downer" type i'm not going at it alone I keep a balance by surrounding myself with poeple who are positive and upbuilding, thank you for your kind sentiments :-)

Wicked! Its all about what you make it!

It sounds like you're taking on a big burden by yourself, even though you have the right attitude. I have 3 children your age and I always made sure that they knew I loved them. you'll need to gradually consider finding people who are more positive and can show you that there are many people who really care. I've made plenty of mistakes in my life and because of who I am, I feel I can make a difference in the lives of young people who weren't so fortunate in their younger years. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this and all I can say is "I care" And have free will to change your life. Perhaps the greatest gift from God that people forget about. the power of free will!