I Have Changed But Made Some Big Mistakes

i cheated on my wife. I was a topless dancer at hens nights. I did alot of things with those women and it ended up costing me my marriage. Being a good looking, athletic guy with loads of charm and i can lie with a mouthful of marbles and make it sound true. Not a good combination.

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Having a lot of attention can turn your head...if you put yourself again in the path of temptation, it is easy to slip up again. But it seems like you've really learnt your lesson. So if you mean what you say about starting over, life will give you a hand with a second chance...but only if you learn from your past mistakes.

Thanks. I am changing. I dont do that stuff for extra cash anymore. I am just being more honest with myself about life and that is filtering out to all the people i care about. Biggest mistake of my life cost me the love of my life. I let my groin lead me, i was young and stupid.<br />
thanks for replying

Well I hope you really mean it about changing your future and if you do then more power to you keep on the straight and narrow none of that crazy stuff you described from your past and congrats on not only wanting to change but taking the steps to actually make that change happen :-)