Yes I've Lost Everything To The Drink

 I have been sober for 10 months, and my future is already better! Have my daughter in my life again! I will never give up! Drinking has almost cost me my life, no job, home,family lost respect  for me, had a husband of  15 years, and he got sick in tried of coming home to a drunk!  Now I'm sober a hope my life will keep getting better!

skybleeds skybleeds
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I am rooting and praying for you!!

*claps*! I am glad to hear (or read, whatev..) of your sobriety! Congratulations, and I hope your sobriety continues! :-)

Congratulations on 10 months of sobriety. You've taken the hardest step, I hope things continue to get better for you.

Dear Skybleeds. I used to drink heavy when I was married to my first wife and when I met my present wife (Michelle) I was so drunk that the ex<x>pression she used to my mother was (he did not know his mother from a whellbarrow) my Mum just rolled up laughing. After meeting Michelle I cut down on my drinking from 1 to 2 bottles of per night to one a week, when we got married in late december 1980, I said to her if the Government put up the price of Booze and Tobacco next budget I wiil give up both. April 1981 the tax went up on said items and I quit, both drinking and smoking together. It took shear will power, It was then that I found out who my real friends were. It was not easy but I made it throught the first 4 weeks. to this day I have not soked but I do have no more than 2 tots of rum about once every 3 months. It takes a lot of determination and will power to quit, which make you avery strong person and far better for it, you now see things in a different light. Drinking, Smoking and drugging all addle your brain and thinking power, and therefore does not solve problems. I am glad you took stock of yoursel and made it through, Well done young lady. God be with you always.

March isnt that long ago.I use to smoke...Its been more than 5 years and i still get a craving for a smoke now and again.


Way to go:) If you feel the need to drink again ,dont,come here and talk to your friends and we can help get you through it

Hugs to u i hope u are feeling better.

I am drug addict. I was in active addiction for 20 years than clean and sober for 4 years starting using again, now i have cleaned up it has been 8 days but I almost died I had a kidney infection that was real bad it was bad because I would not go to the Doctor and when I finally did go it was almost to late. I am still sick but doing much better. I hope every time I think about using again I think about what I just went through because the next time I use I doubt I will live through it.<br />
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im really glad you had the strength to stop something like this.

Thank u!