The Past Is Relentless

So back in high school my friends and i used to do stupid stuff for fun. They were often illegal so when we got caught we got a free ride to our houses in the back of a sqaud car. Twice was just a slap on the wrist so to speak and being grounded by the parentals. Drinkin at the beach when we were 19 gave us 20hrs of drug and alcohol counseling at some half-way house with a bunch of junkies and hootchies. Entering my twenties things just got worse. I knew a guy who decided that one day he will try and rob a liqour store. Since we had been caught doing minor stuff together, the cops knew to come straight to me and my friends' hangout spot. There we were back at the police station being questioned, then issued with a court date. I was able to prove that i had nothing to with it so nothing happened to me. However my background report got a nice little addition for a couple months: aiding and abetting a criminal cause they thought i was lying to protect him when in reality i hadnt seen him in like 7 months. It was eventually removed. Flash forward to about a year later, my friends and i were at a party. A fight broke out. Someone was stabbed. Back to the police station. Last memorial day, i recieved a DUI. But since the police pulled me over because they thought i was following another car full of suspected gang members, they considered he didnt have probable cause (or whatever its called) so my fines and community service was cut in half.  So nowadays a police officer finds it necessary to drive up my street every couple of months to check up on me and my friend down the steet. If we're in the street at the time, two officers will exit the car and try and strike up a friendly conversation while proceeding to give us a body search and check or eyes and breath for any substance abuse. Now jobless after being laid off after christmas ive submitted at least 40 applications since then. Ive gotten about 9 interviews but they all end up with "we appreciate your interest in our company but based on the background check submitted to us we've decided not to go ahead and offer the job". Bummmmmmmmer. My work ethic has nothing to do with my past. Ive seperated myself from most of my friends only keeping around 5 or 6 true friends as opposed to my big group of nearly 18. At past jobs ive had a couple employee of the months and top seller awards. customers like my cause i like to joke around all while still being polite. Now i know that its completely my fault but it still sucks that no one will at least give me a chance to prove myself. Everwhere i go, my background check is my shadow. The past is relentless.....

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

ya none of my first choices seem to be working out. Recently i've been looking at the less glamorous, graveyard type jobs. Although its even hard to choose from them because i'm also a student trying to finish jc to transfer, so my schedule depends on when the classes are offered. Maybe a break from school is necessay... = /

That really sucks. It seems like there should be something you could do with the courts to get some of that stuff off your record. For current and ongoing "good behaviour" or something along those lines. I'm pretty sure background checks go back 7 years, so past that you should be good. At my last job one of my coworkers had spent time in jail a couple years back, so there's got to be some employers out there that will hire you; though they may not be your first choice. : /