Past, Present, Future: The Dimensional Aspect

Forgive any misspellings, etc.  There is nothing subliminal in the words that you are about to read.  Anything subliminal was very well, unplanned and it was, is not intentional:  One cannot spend half of a whole dollar.  One cannot spend the bottom portion of a penny, nickel or a dime.  When attempts are made to split "legal tender" the result is an illegal transaction.

Your past, good or bad, ugly or beautiful, fulfilling or embarrassing is what lead you to your current present.  Your present, no matter where you now stand in it is what can dictate your future, based on how you are dealing with your past.  Your future, as of every second that goes by, is unwritten, until a decision is made. 

To say that I do NOT believe in an Almighty, infinite, power that is beyond us would be for me to lie.  Not only would I be lying to myself, but to anyone else reading this.  Time, Nature, our nature to nurture and this new age, the age of Technology are taking us to a higher level. 

I can only TRUST in what is beyond my level of understanding.  I can trust that which is beyond me, when I can weigh the positives and negatives and realize that the positives are winning out.  Its logic: If one is seeking POSITIVE betterment, then one will ally oneself with what is positive. 

They state that racism has an 'ugly face' for a reason.  Ugliness thrives on negativity.  Sorrows are negative, sob stories are negative.  Justice is a HUGE positive.  It’s one thing to overcome past hurts, etc, etc.  What one does to achieve justice, the correct way (I said correct, not RIGHT, nor PROPER, nor CIVILIZED, nor PLAYING by the rules).  Justice is either correct, or incorrect; incorrect justice means that more than one individual can, and will be wronged.

It’s one thing to live, another to survive.  At the end of the day, life will always chose survival.  Us, as gods and goddesses on this Earth, many of us are needlessly selfish.  Our natures have made that determination.  Life is constantly moving forward, adapting, readapting, placing holds on what works, and what will not work, or be tolerated. 

Civilized, versus unnaturally civilized, aka domesticated, aka reel, as opposed to real.  If you matter, you'll get the point.  Life wants to survive.  Life is surviving for us.  Even technology is fighting for its survival, because anti-life has realized that technologies advancements have it on the chopping block.  They (the anti-lifers, the naturally negatives) do away with technology, they win.  It’s the goal.  Technology has developed life.  On this side of life the goal is to survive, better or for worst; preferably for the better.

I am no bird, no dog, I'm a human being.  I adapt, understand, learn and attain positive advancement.  It’s got to be positive in order for it to move forward in an uplifting manner.  Most do not get the term:  constructive criticism.  It’s constructive, because it erodes the negatives involved in one's upliftment and replaces it with correct positives.  Any vice-versa to constructive criticism is destructive.  There are variables; only the positive ones will win out.  There is no such thing as a positive need for negativity.  Negative deserves negative and positive deserves positive.  That's how you cancel or plus them.  It is simple math, basic logic.

I do not live in the clouds; I am not rushing to meet the Almighty.  I am afraid of what is not known.  I do not know what to expect in death, all that I am sure of is that the way that I die will determine what happens on the other side of life.  Reincarnation is very plausible.  I believe in myself, the devil (some say Lucifer, some say Satan, some say, ““lucy””...aka smokes...when you look at things, when dealing in details...devil takes, all word play....the devil is not whom destroys life.  What have destroyed life are the demons.  What are your demons are you a demon?) And I trust in the Almighty G-D.

In all of the greatness that is the Almighty, that being has not, and will not and is currently not walking on this Earth.  That means that the Jesus concept is the greatest fallacy ever perpetrated by the demons.  Either one accepts the doctrine, or realizes that it is not real.  The brainwashing is so well-rooted that it has come where the one's misguided chose to believe in the lie, simply because they are afraid to do otherwise. It’s the ultimate and uncultivated climax to the best ever paradox.

I will close with this:  I love women, women who know very well they are women, women who accept the fact that they are women and women seeking to better themselves as women.  I also admire men who understand their roles as men, and practice those roles, understanding their power, with due diligence toward those lesser than they are.  Life is very cyclic, that means that Karma is very real. 

As an artist put it: I wanna run through the halls of my high school, I wanna scream at the top of my lungs……I’m invincible, as long as I’m alive.


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I am happy that you liked it. I do not think I could have been much more precise about my honest feelings.