The Windmill Of Faith

A teardrop rolls down the side of her cheek

As she gazes at the windmill down the field of wheat

As the wind gently blows the bright pinwheel

Her mind sways away with a memory

A sweet memory, a laughter..

A memory of sorrow

And a mysterious present

With no clear vision of tomorrow..

The soft breeze then starts to grow fangs

The windmill blows harder & harder

As her mind, in the remembrance, hangs

And her wounded heart starts to rebleed

For when has it ever healed?

The windmill reminds her of a love that once was born

Between the arms of a lover

And the witness of a flower

Whose leaves are now torn

Every soft wind blow

Reminded her of a promise that was made

But never came true

Reminded her of a sweet caress

A tender shelter

And a dream of a reality that never did possess

The windmill of faith is where she belonged

But that strong belief has never prolonged

Yet meant a lifetime to her

As the wind slows down

And her wound starts to slow

The pinwheel is lighter

And the windmill doesn't blow

Her memories start to fade out

The sun rays come through the flaps of the wheel

For her windmill of faith shall always bring

A belief that is so real

For a better tomorrow, she shall dream..

al22ha al22ha
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 20, 2010

I definitely identify with the feelings. Rebleeding and never really healing.Like a fragile vase,once smashed...then repaired,but never strong enough to hold water. Permenantly damaged,beautiful yet frail and robbed of my purpose before my expiration date.