I am 19 yrs old and am trying to put my life back together or start to become a real man and do what i have to do in life.I am a believer in Jesus Christ, I was saved about a year ago and ever since then I have had dramatic changes in my life. True blessings given to me with love from the Lord all because I trusted with faith/works that He is everything that the Holy Bible says. The only way for all the miracles that had took place im my life since being saved was by trusting in Jesus Christ and confessing to Him my sin & surrendering my will constantly. Here are afew examples of the miracles He has done in my life....... I was addicted to Crack/Cocaine, addicted to opiates such as oxycotin/oxycodone-Heroin-dilaudid etc.., addicted to benzo's such as Xanax(alprazolam),Valium(diazepam), Restoril(temazepam) etc...,well in my early addiction I would robb cars,houses, anything that was quick and easy without getting caught- then later on in my addiction it progressed to robbing People,drug dealers, occupied houses and very often would use a gun or cary it for protection just incase the person I was robbing had a gun. I was arrested for Drug Trafficking, possesion cocaine/thc/alprazolam/lorazapam/diazapam/temazapam/xanax xr, and parafanelia. OHHH and running a red light (traffic infraction). There are alot more things that has happend but you get the point. Any way currently I am stuggling with taking adderall xr, I have adhd and my life is effected enough that I pretty much could use the adderall to benifit in social and personal activities, I am helped by this medication in alot of areas in my life. The thing is I don't want to have to depend in a drug (legal or ilegal) to be able to do certain things. I just want to live a pure, and Godly life. I know in time this will get better, but i really want to be a living sacarfice to the God who does so much for me. If anyone has any suggestions of Hope please let me know..... thanks

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Man what a testimony. I really think God can use you to reach out to others going through what you have and are. I believe God is greater than any drug and he will for you to. May I pray that he will work out your issue with adhd without having to take the drugs? He made the body, he can fix it.

yes wow indeed, but really proud of you bro :) It takes a really broken heart and spirit to step out of the lifestyle you lived. God bless you for taking the step of faith and coming back to actual Living :)<br />
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its heartbreaking to see people waste away their youth in pursuit of 'fun', 'glam', 'doing the IN thing' and just trying to mimic their surrounding. These young people do not see beyond the curtain of their dissillusion... that Satan is master minding the destruction of their future..<br />
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Asking God to save is one things, but working out your salvation is another... Passion demands both.<br />
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All the best to you bro. May God take you to greater heights and make you a living example to many others. *hugs*

Wow, and you are only 19 years old? You've done a lot of hard living to be so young. If more drug addicts and alcoholics would tell it like it really is for them, as you have done, fewer kids would get on that horrible path to begin with. <br />
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I truly feel for you and what you must be going through, but it sounds like you are on the right path. No, it won't be easy and you will be tempted to "just do one", but don't do it! I've never done drugs nor had a problem with alcohol; however, I was a heavy smoker and I know how difficult it was to stop smoking and stay a non-smoker. So, I have an idea of how difficult it must be for you. Just remember to call on your sponsor. Are you in AA or another similar type support group? If so, use them! If not, join one! Do not be too proud to ask for help and admit you have an addiction problem. <br />
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The biggest help you will find is by helping others. So, do public speaking about how you got involved with the wrong crowd, bad habits, etc. Volunteer to do this in the local schools via the DARE program in your area. If you can prevent one child from getting hooked on these horrible and devastating drugs, then you will feel even better. The longer you are drug free the easier it will become. <br />
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May God bless you and help you stay on the right path.