With Out Human Rights (no Longer A Human)

hello every one , i hope when u c this post learn something.

when i was a kid i didnot know what is it look like to be with out ur human rights.but i know how is it look like to live without a father , actually i lived with my mother and brother and sisters.i hated my father so much when i reached 17 after i graduated high school to find my self just like handicapped.

handicapped <<<< means i cant join college or university and cant work and cant go to the hospital for treatment and cant walk at night and most of my dreams just disappeared and nothing i can do to stop it.then i saw my self in a very bad (days) or at least i thought its going to be temporary and i waited day after day and week after week but nothing happened.years after years and i walk up to find my self in a time Lost everything I own authenticity and information and even hope.i blamed my father because he brought me to this life and left me to face it alone.i never met my father , he died before i was born 6 months.in my opinion he killed me the day he died.

so far, i am alive , but I'd rather die to live this way for the rest of my life.

human without human rights, such as the body without the spirit.

Human Rights for me is the air and water that keep humans alive.
kalof kalof
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2012