Paths. Depending Upon How Much Time You Have To Think....

 you could come up with a  million ways to brush your teeth. why not brush your teeth with only one sock, a shaved eyelash, two beans on your head, and a soundtrack of jackyls howling in the background. wtf right? there would be no purpose for that though. but what if something is so important to you that it is your #1, but it is behind a glass box, that you cannot get into without burning yourself. the burn could be so bad that your hand is forever scarred, and the pain severe, though not so likely to happen. what would you reach in that box for? a desire for pleasure? i desire for food or water? pleasure yes. how does one find the line of grab, or not? by experience, then experiences can change your life forever though, so that also must get weighed in. now you got two thoughts two weight at once, and it could be somethin you got to answer on the spot for genuality. is there also a third, forth, maybe a fifth? are there so many test of worthiness., that we must find and study them?

kinnertwo kinnertwo
22-25, M
Feb 11, 2010