Tried Being a Christian


I used to be a Christian. But I knew it wasn't me. My friend has actually given up on a dream because of Christainity. Because she failed once she thinks "okay's not God's plan I'll do something else" I was like umm what? If I fail at anything that I want I keep trying until I can do it! I need a Christians opinion on that is she just being lazy or do most people think this?

Anyways, I just can't live my life by the rules of the bible, I live life by just what makes sense to be. I don't think I could ever become invoved with religion again, I can't be told "okay here are the rules to live now do it" I just can't.

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5 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Do you have to have a religion? Can't you just personally communicate, and do your own moral thinking, without having to pay middlemen?

I have noticed that in Christians. And it's heart-breaking. They lose spirit because they see their failure as a sign that "God" (or rather, Yahweh, really) didn't want them to do that. Otherwise, they would have succeeded, right? <br />
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Makes me very sad. Many lives have been such a case.

Some people make Christianity to be all about rules and regulations. Instead it is about freedom and loving humanity because we were first loved by God. A lot of people have distorted the Bible. Romans says that we are free from the law that bound the the Isrealites. And as for your friend, sometimes God tests our strength and dedication. If she has a dream, she needs to pursue it as much she can, because he laid that dream upon her heart. She is using the mask of religion to fien her lack of motivation.

When you say "Loved by God" you mean Yahweh, specifically, right? Christians are loved by Yahweh. Wiccans are loved by Goddess. Pagans are loved by their Gods. Muslims are loved by Allah, and so forth. Humans are very much loved by our Creatixes or Creators. Every religion is about Freedom of individuality. Because if you oppose Diversity, you just opposed humanity.

Just my own 2 cents.

Maybe you are on of the few open-minded Christians. But, If you truly think you are free from the law of sin &amp; death, then, perhaps you can see that you are free from Christianity at this point as well. Namaste.

Neither can I Apple. It doesn't mean that I don't believe in a God or higher power. We all come from the same maker so why have all these religions? If you are a good person and live your life with love then all is well.

i understand my friend. love marilyn monroe tho!