None of Them Really "Fit"

~ All I know is what I've researched. I haven't found any "religion" that has everything that I believe in. So, I travel on this bumpy road called life without a spiritual map. It's okay though, I do know that I'm listened to & loved & perhaps at this time, that's all I need to know. =] My higher power is female, that is all I know for sure. Mainly because I've been abused by a lot of males, so I find it a lot easier to pray to a female. So when I say "Goddess Bless", you'll know it's me. Heehee! If you say to me "God Bless", I will thank you & take it as it's intended. A blessing. =] I pray that this world one day can come together, regardless of religion & love one another & our differences. It won't matter in the end what was the "right" one, in fact, I truly believe there is no "One" religion. With all the diversity that this world has, how can anyone believe that their religion is the only "true" religion. I'm sorry but that's just not possible....Just my take.

Live in Peace & Love Your Higher Power who/whatever you may call it. =]

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

I understand what you mean. I haven't really chosen a religion either. I am still young, extremely independent, and somewhat irresponsible at times. No religion has really spoken to me and I am not sure that if at this point in life I am ready to make that committment. I don't believe I possess the dedication and I don't feel that religion is something one should "half-***." I think that some day I will know what I should be doing in terms of my spirtuality, but I'm not sure when it'll be.