My Problem With Religions

They're too interesting!  The more I found out about all the different religions and faiths, especially the obscure and ancient ones, the more I find myself saying "Well, yeah" and adding more to my, I guess you could call it 'repertoire of religion.'

Right now, the closest thing to my religion is a kind of agnostic Pagan.  Because I'm so drawn to all the old mythologies, Greek and Roman and Norse, but I'm still fascinated and half-incorporate a lot of new ideas too.

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4 Responses Jun 3, 2009

haha, the recent ones were anyway ;] That's why I love to old ones - Pagans, Romans, Greeks, etc. They were a little more sincere.

Religion was invented by someone who was too lazy to earn a living, so easier to sell "pie in the sky when you die" and collect the tithing!

Well, the college I'm going to requires 6 class hours or whatever of theology.<br />
I'm definitely getting an education (in fact, I can't even decide what I want to major in I have so many interests!), I just happen to find religion fascinating.

Your time would be better spent getting an education, and forget the religion bullsh*t