My Mother In Law

So, it's hapened more than once....she's ******* horrible! She acts like she's my best friend, then flips the **** out whenever something like nothing's always my fault. Her other daughter in law is the devil in her eyes which she lets me know but kisses her *** in front of her bc the other daughter in law wants nothing to do with her. i'm always so nice, but get ****** overevery single time. I'm not even there when **** (meaning literally nothing) happens, yet it's my ******* fault! wtf do I do? btw, my husband takes her side, it's like everybody loves raymond but she can't cook at all and there are no funny sides to it!
littleryansmom littleryansmom
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 8, 2012

You can't do anything about it without escalating things. She is your mother-in-law and probably way older though so I guess, us children can only try to be quiet and respect her at all times. She seems to like you better though than her other daughter-in-law if she is comfortable enough to tell you her displeasures. :/