What Happens When You Can't Take It Anymore?

I know what some of you may be thinking... you're 16, you shouldn't be on a site like this. But I'm down to my last few options and I can't cope anymore.
The paths few months... hell the past five years have been agony.
Let me start with December 2012:
1. I get hit by a car.
I know that some of you may be thinking "Oh give me a break" but it wasn't the actual accident that traumatized me (although I look about 9 times when I cross the road) It isn't the fact it was a hit and run and that the bastard was on the wrong side of the road. It wasn't even the damage it caused me afterwards: It was the fact that those who are supposed to be my friends didn't even care. They didn't care one bit, in fact they were making bets with one another that I was lying about it all and messaging me trying to get different stories out of me? I don't understand what I've done to deserve that...
2. My Grandma passes away a few days later.
The whole family was shaken up. My dad (who relied on his mum a lot) well, I've never seen him like that... He just wouldn't.stop.crying. and my dad never ever cries.. never. The funeral was on boxing day, so we had to travel down to London (that's where she lived) on Christmas day. So my Christmas was ruined. But that doesn't matter, I was still with my family. They're brilliant but just a little difficult to talk to about serious stuff like that sometimes. Anyway, I had to say goodbye to the house that I'd practically grown up in which was... unimaginably difficult.
3. My brother is suicidal.
Again, he lives in London which is a good 8 hours away from where I live. Turns out he's not eaten a single thing in 4 weeks. He's malnourished and has a sip of coke everyday, nothing else. Just a sip. And it's only become apparent to us over the past few days. He doesn't understand anything anymore and can't even formulate a sentence. He's a harm to himself and I'm worried he'll become a harm to others. He's so smart aswell, he has a PHD! But his fiance has turned out to be stealing from him and taking drugs and has left him in this state.
4. Exams
Whilst all this has happened, I have to go to school, where I loathe everybody. I've wanted to get out of this school ever since year 8. I'm in my last year now, year 11 and I have a few months to go and I can't tell you how much easier my life will become once I leave that sh*t hole. I HATE IT THERE I HATE EVERYONE WHO EXISTS THERE. I DON'T BELONG THERE. OR HERE. I need to spread my wings! I'm ready to spread my wings and move away and explore the world! What's the point in having such a beautiful world like this, and be stuck in a measly town like this? I don't have proper friends. I have nobody to talk to who will say, hey you know what? Power through. Take each day as it comes. Oh yeah? Well I've been saying that to myself for years and look where it's gotten me... Scarred arms, a scarred mind and a mind filled with hatred. I'm not a hateful person. I'm usually a really optimistic person, but this life I'm being forced to live isn't me, and this "depression" if that's what I should call it is eating me. So I ask you, ANYONE who has even taken a few minutes out of their lives to answer this for me: What happens when you can't take it anymore?
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That is something you don't wanna think about, as it means giving up! I am severely depressed due to bullying at my work and there are times when I think like you do, but you need to remember one thing and that is your parents both love and need you. Imagine if your Dad lost you as well as his mum and maybe even your brother??? Please message me and I will support you as best I can.