I Cant Shed a Single Tear

ever since i can remember i havent had tears, and i dont even break down. People call me emotionless but it isnt like i dont want to or i just hold it in , others say stoic. some call me a robot, once my friends tried to make me cry through pain but i started laughing...



Silentlife Silentlife
18-21, M
3 Responses Jun 23, 2008

i never thought about how my parents show emotion, but i mean i have emotions like happy, but i dont really feel anything when im sad.

being "emotionless" isn't what your doing in my opinion. with me, i tend to not feel emotion but not because im holding it in or anything as you said but its more because i know i have to get on with it. maybe its my sub-conscious telling me not to let my emotions get involved so i can deal with whatever situation i have to. <br />
maybe its a similar kind of think for you. were your parents good at showing emotioon? or anyone you grew up with? it could come from that..<br />
i hope your happy anyay.<br />