I Can't Dance In Front Of Other People...

A few years ago I had this subtle sexy way of dancing and sang Kareoke in a bar. I came up here to live with my mother and she laughed at me when I demonstrated. This is dumb, but she really got to me and now I don't dance or sing at all. I am not a fantastic singer but if I practice a song I can do pretty well. I think I'll start up again. I'll get a kareoke machine and practice at home.I'd love to sing Natural Woman by Carol King in a small lounge style bar, and recover my sexy moves, just a slight moving of the hips, some up and down motion with the legs and my arms reaching up one by one...
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I'm sure your dancing is sexy. Don't listen to anyone, as long as you like it. Thats what matters.

Thank you! I'm going to a picnic with a DJ and Kareoke this weekend. Maybe I'll dance!:)

Do it. :)

I agree with happilyme “I am not a fantastic singer but if I practice a song I can do pretty well”. Most singers don’t do very well without practice. Practice and let the music talk to your body. The song and the music must move your emotions and movements for it to be a truly good performance. Good luck.

Siberia, I just came across your post today and wish I had seen it sooner. At any rate, I cannot offer much more moral support than what others have shared but I will say that life is far too short not to be happily enjoying it. As long as you are innocently enjoying your life, never allow anything or anyone to stand in the way of your happiness. Live your life to its fullest and you will never look back at the past with any regret. The majority of the world's most greatly admired people have also been the most critised. They still achieved greatness in spite of their critics, so will you.

Thank you! I love your attitude! I'm going to make that one of my life philosophies. I need a change in attitude. Whatever I've got now isn't working. Happy Holidays!!!:):):)

Always remember, we are only restricted by the limitations we place upon ourselves.

I hope your holidays are beautiful.

I know how these (more or less) innocent remarks can mess you up! I had an old GF who let me know that I was boring because in a social setting (party) all I could talk about was myself. And while I may have talked about myself more than I should have I soon found that I couldn't talk to any one about anything in a social setting. I'm close to 60 now and thankfully out grew it.<br />
<br />
Don't let the dirty bastards get you down!

Thanks for your comment! I won't let the dirty bastards get me down. My mom is very jealous of anything good another person has or can do. She makes herself miserable. She disowned me because her in laws liked me. They wanted to adopt me as their granddaughter and she turned on me. I ended up homeless. Then Patrick took me in and now we are getting married on December 16th. Yay!!!God is good. he said when your mother and father forsake you, He will take you up! Peace and blessings!:)

There is a judgement gene in most of us i am overcoming mine by watching it, if you don't judge your mother harshly for being judgemental you will overcome yours and be free from her hate.. Hope you can find this peace as i finally did after a life time of being to sensitive and being ruled by others ;-)

Thank you for your confidence! Wish you much joy and happiness as you send it on to others.

My mother and brother are both musically inclined. My dad and I can not carry a tune; I have always been told. I do like to sing though, but I know I am not that good and it hurts to know that I would really like to be great!<br />
A few years ago at church the person that leads the singing asked me if I would lead the following week. I let him know that I was not that good, but he said that he always saw me singing for all I was worth and thought I would do fine. I did; and have done it many times since. While I will never be the singer I would like to be I still get a lot of satisfaction from being appreciated by a few. <br />
Please do not let a negative person keep you from that enjoyment of doing what you enjoy. Life is far to short; sing and be happy!

Thank you!!! I would love to hear you sing! I'm sure you have a lovely voice!:)

Oh, once one friedn of mine- she is professional dancer- was laughing at me too, we were dancing in night club and she was not happy whith what she saw.. first i was hurt too and thought i will never dance.. but then i started to practice by myself and i really love music and dancing.. so i took my life back.. few years later i was in nightclub with same girl and she told, why dont we dance, i told her, i cant dance with her, becouse she once told me i dance ridiculous.. she was so surprised.. she didnt even remember.. and when we danced she said, she must be either jelouce or just bitter or whatever, as she considered my dancing just fine.. so , dont take that one remarq seriously.. dance like noone is watching.. dancing is about your freedom and music... dont let anyone judge you:))

That is good advice! I like the idea of dancing as if no one is watching! thank you!!!:):)

I agree with other comments about making your life your own. <br />
Parents are imperfect as we all are. <br />
Do your dance, treasure the fact that you can move.<br />

You are so right, what a blessing to be able to move around!Peace and blessings!:):)

Go for it Honey! I'm too old now ~ wish I was your age! Be true to YOU! Don't let anything negative into your space!<br />
Then you won't look back & say,"I wish I would've~ ~ ~"<br />
Have FUN~ Live~smile& laugh,dance,sing,& Love (*;*)

Thank you!!!! That is good advice-Don't let anything negative into my space! Those are words to live by!:)

Sounds really hot. You should post one of your practice sessions on youtube, you'd probably get a million hits. I'd check it out.

Thanks!!!I'm a bit too shy for that, but thank you!:)

Go for it! Don't suppress your creative self!

Thank you! I think I will go for it. I'm tired of letting evil people who hate themselves try to make me hate myself too. Man, how they try to blame me for their problems. I'm done.:)

I think your mother was more embarrassed than you. As an "older person" I can tell you that it's a real shock to a parent to find out that their child has become an adult, and what's more, an "adult" adult. If your child is grown up, you must be so much older!<br />
<br />
Maybe it was something else. What did your mother actually say? I read how you described your moves, and I could laugh, because it might come off as a great caricature of a cabaret singer.<br />
<br />
You know, I think it all depends on your relationship with your mother. You need a really good, sympathetic critic who can tell you, no holds barred, how your act really comes off, and then you can work on it from there. You can choose to be sexy, or funny, or even both at the same time.

" good, sympathetic critic" hahahaha. That ain't my mum!

Just tell her to get stuffed and pin her ears back and loosen those parental controling strings and go for it. Something that anyone with critical parents should do, and something that I should have done with my male parent, who did not deserve the title of father in my upbringing. John :-(

My mother has always been so critical. I don't know which was worse, the disapproval or being made fun of. Rule to Self: If I enjoy it, never let another family member (esp. mom) know.<br />
I've never done the karaoke thing, though I know many who enjoy going out for this form of entertainment. I sang in the girls choir, so I probably would be ok singing; my dancing is probably a little out of style...My singing usually takes place in the shower. If I sing any other time, my dogs stare at me, follow me around and make their noise at me. At least they're not howling. Everybody's a critic,,,

I really like your rule to Self!!! I'll have to adopt that. Thanks for your comment! It helps not to tell critical people about the things I feel good about, too. Peace and blessings!:)