Can't Be a Triple Threat

I'm a Musical Theatre student... I want to be a musical theatre actress... but I can't dance.  And if you can't dance, you can't be a triple threat... which means there's someone out there who is way more talented than you are, so why would the director waste their time with you?!  It's frustrating.  I can sing the hell out of almost anything, my acting has improved drastically in the past two years, but dancing... it takes me forever to learn a combination and then to get it to look right.  I hate it!
Chanteuse1984 Chanteuse1984
26-30, F
2 Responses Jun 6, 2007

I have this possibly unfounded belief that all humans are born to dance, we just forget. After all, it's such a primitive, tribal instinct, and it's a core part of our human heritage. We all more alive when we dance, after all. I am USELESS at dancing, singing and acting, but I'm wondering if maybe you are going about learning your dance in the wrong way? I'm slowly discovering that there is a secret, internal language to singing that I never knew - a way of listening and hearing that is automatic and painstakingly obvious to those who can sing naturally. Maybe the same is true of dance, and it's necessary to learn the language that the body speaks and rather than a series of sequential movements, which seems like it'd be impossible to remember and do at the same time?

someone should see your ability in the other two aspects and hopefully not see the fact you cant dance as a big issue. Good luck!