I. Can't. Dance.

I agree with the theory that dance and song are quite intrinsic human behaviours, and they have been with us before language itself matured. And yet, in this allegedly modern society of ours, these basic behaviours are lost to many of us. Singing and dancing get shunted into the realm of "skills", "talents" and "hobbies", but that hardly seems appropriate for something that is as natural as movement itself.

And when we move like that, without criticising or trying for a style of movement, it's such a liberating thing.

Alas, these days dance is squashed into cultural mores, and it demands quite a bit of accessory baggage and skill. This is not to say that primitive dance did not require skill - like anything it needs to be taught, and studied and learned. It's just that dance no longer forms part of our basic education, and fundamental patterns of life. I am certain that if it did, we would be a vastly happier species.

Myself, I lack fundamental music sense. Doing things in time to music, coordinating my limbs, grace, connected movements and rhythm itself - all these things are very elusive to me.

After much trial and error, I found a place where I could certainly express myself through an approximation of these - in the haven of nightclubs, dance amongst the underworld with its strobed flashes of vision and pounding rhythms. Trance is built to bring your spirit out, and sweat your wordless notions in a stomp of repetition and evolution.

But I would like to have the ability to dance within the confines of structured dance, and to be able to dance with the music, and with a partner.

That's a different sort of liberation, the liberation that comes with mastery of your body, and learning how to be in the music.

Some day, maybe.

(there are some more important things I have to do first)
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I think this is a great story. I really like the primalness of dance, and the free ex<x>pression in form, especially when dancing with passion. But I unfortunately do not posses the skills to dance like a regular human, nor the rhythm, usually. Most of the time. There are those times though where your brain is left behind unneeded, to let the music move through your body the way it wants. :)

I must resemble this! I can't dance, although I like to move to the music and call it dancing. As my 19 y/o daughter put it when asked, have you ever seen this person dance? <br />
A: yeah,lol lol. it's cute, she don't know any better.

Told you my dancing wasn't pretty ;)