Too Shy

Whenever I used to go to dances I would totally clam up and be much too shy to dance. I don't even know how to dance since I have never tried. I am just always scared that people are judging me.
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Everyone has feelings of embarrasment when it comes to dancing, especially infront of others. Just feel the bass and let the rhym guide you. Forget about the others around you and do what you came to the party in the first place--have fun! No one is judging you, its a party! Everyone just lets loose and has fun. Dont get me wrong, i have had issues with this as well, i just got my group of awkward buddies and rocked the night away--not carring what others think. Main point? Follw the beat, shake your hips a little, and most importantly be carefree of your surroundings!

dancing in public takes one thing and one thing only, that is to really not care quite how much of an arse you look infront of them randomers who u ain't likely to see again<br />
i say take a deep breath let whatever you have flow out

exactly the same problem here.. but all those danced are just such a huge part of the social life that it's hard not to..<br />
birthdays usually go around them, or any party anyway.. at some point I just stopped going to parties which badly hurt my social life..<br />
I'm still on recovery state, but it's bad..

This may sound pretty silly but have you ever thought of taking dance lessons ? Maybe with a few lessons, that will build up your confidence and that will open a whole new world for you. Invite a friend. Then you can dance away. It is just a thought. Who knows, you might just enjoy it ! :-)

Phew!!!....................Thank God am not alone!!!!!!!!!

me too! the only times I can really feel comfortable dancing is when I'm really drunk or alone in a semi-delusional state most likely brought on by a lack of sleep or extreme hyperness.