Why Do Men Have A Need To Leave Dishes In The Sink?

Really I want to know! I have raised two families, all the kids are grown fine and well.. so I'm retired with the husband that still leaves stuff in the sink.. Back with all the kids, I had a sign over the sink that said

"This is a sink not a cupboard or a dishwasher DO not stack stuff in it"  Well needless to say the ink ran off the sign when the guys put the dishes in the sink and squirted it with water..really lost that battle but it was 4 guys and me.. LOL actually went to a shrink with one of my stepsons and brought this up.. his offer was just don't do it .. actually waited for 4 days and no one cared the dishes kept getting higher..

Ok empty nest thing.. just husband that lives on the other side of the house that I still cook for and still leaves his dishes in the sink.

I honestly swear that every time I  clean up the kitchen and walk away.. I come back and there are plates or forks or something sitting in the sink.  Again tonight..I did the dinner thing cleaned it up....  when out to the kitchen to make coffee for tomorrow and WOW 4 plates and 2 spoons sitting in the sink.. I'm also a little screwy that I've been keeping this house warm with wood and a blow torch...really the only heat we have is a wood burning stove and I've been stoking it every 4 hours for 2 months.. (whish I could get some Oak logs and maybe have them burn through the night) or.. 

My hubby got me the blow torch for Valentines Day...he sleeps on the other side of the house in a water bed so I guess he's safe for now... . Back to topic.. what the hell do you guys think happens to the dishes in the sink??  magic fairy comes and puts them in the dishwasher or better yet washes them and puts them away??

I know men don't think about this stuff BUT you use a plate a fork or knife and if you want to use it again leaving it the sink will not make it magically appear in the cupboard or drawer unless you have a shmuck like me to do it.............Ok I've ventured off the track...  But Ladies, try and get your man to cook for you and if not insist he does his own dishes!!!! 










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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

take all the dishes an put them on top of there beds try that for a week". Tried that about 15 years ago and ran out of plates.. Honestly no one cared but me.. stopped cooking no problem life went on and I was crazy.. They have way more patience than me or just don't care.. If i don't want %$# everywhere I have to pick it up because it sure doesn't bother my husband.. That's why I have my own room on the other side of the house. He sleeps in a waterbed with all the dishes he hasn't manage to get to the sink! Really. LOL he had to buy a new waterbed because he rolled over on a steak knife and popped it.. Not to get really down on my hubby. He's the smartest person in the world. PhD, was president of a college and the youngest person to join the Peace Core. Met Eleanor Roosevelt and was at Kennedy's birthday party where Marilyn Monroe sang.. He just can't pick up or put away anything.. God forbid I die first, those people from the TV show Horders will have to come dig him out.

Yes you are so right.. I was just whacked last night.. Cabin fever.. I really should whistle more..<br />
Actually I'm pretty good at it.. Living in the woods, depending on me putting wood in our stove for heat gets really old by February. Did I mention I have 3 St. Bernard's? MY puppies are my best friends except I'm not sure about a picnic.. LOL Sassy my girl is 220 lbs and the boys are catching up..They live in my room and we all have breakfast every morning and they make me smile and laugh and I do have a heard of deer that I feed apples to, It's just hubby that ticks me off, but he's been ticking me off for 25 years so I can handle it. Thanks for answering, it gets rather lonely here in the woods. My puppies listen to me but don't say much in response.

take all the dishes an put them on top of there beds try that for a week.