Can't Decide Wat To Do In Life.

I am 16 going to 17 still now din't decide what i am going to do in life.This is true that i have still time to decide but if i am not prepared by now then in future there is going to be a lot of troble to decide what i want to do in life.My friends also decide what they want to do in life accept me and i am held up with all of confusion in my brains that want i want to become.This confusion started for that time when i was more young.As my dad wanted me to become a doctor as i want to become a teacher but for him i left my teaching dream.When i became 16 i thought science is hard to studied and my dad also thought the same as then we both decide that i should be a teacher but i am again confuse as i want to work in a bank.Thats why i still din't decide what i want to do.I hope i come to know what i want to do in future.
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Jan 7, 2013