My church's youth group is going to a Christian camp next week. My way has already been paid most of the way by fundraisers, but I can't decide whether I want to go or not. My best friend is going, and he is pressuring me to go. It is my last year of being in the youth group, and thus my last year of going to camp, but I have other issues. One of the ladies from our church is going, to be a counselor to the girls in our youth group that are going. I've heard that she makes the girls saty together at camp, and not hang out with anyone else, which would totally suck. Ironically, this lady's daughter is my arch-enemy. I hate her. She was the one who made it so that I couldn't go to the homecoming dance at the local high school, and she is really mean to me. My week would totally go down the crapper if I had to hang around this little jerk all week long. Anyway, I have a bad history with summer camps. A few years back, before I started to boycott camp, I learned the hard way that sometimes it can be a bad experience. The counselors at the camp were Bible college students who think that somehow they are better than the campers who are paying their salary. Give me a break. Just because they learned how to pronounce $5 words like infralapsarienism doesn't mean that they have some higher level of salvation. The last time I went to camp, in 2005, some girl in my cabin lost her wallet, and so guess who she blamed it on? That's right. Me. She started telling everyone that would stop and listen for five minutes that I stole her precious $20. (Which, by the way, she found under her sleeping bag. But unfortunately she "forgot" to tell anyone about this, and thus clear my name, and conveniently for her, her bus left before she could apologize to me.) Also, now, another girl in my youth group is bringing her friend, who is a total ****. I don't like her because she wears a sorry excuse for a tank top and parades her boobs around in front of my brother, my best friend, and the guy I like. In church. So I don't know what to do. Should I go, and in all likelihood have a carppy time? Or, should I stay home, and fell crappy about missing out, and disappointing my best friend? I'm so confused

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If the camp you're faced with going to is going to be crappy, and you are not going to get to spend any time with your best friend anyway, do not go to the camp. And if you feel that camp can be a good thing for you to do, go to a different one! Never mind that you are branching out. You are about to start that in your own life. Here is a chance for you to begin your boldness. And then think of all the stories you will have to share with your best friend when you both return? All relationships are strengthened by both shared time, and time apart. This sounds like an opportunity for time apart, and time that you can use to grow!

I would be confused too! One side says GO! Have a new experience to share! If it's your LAST YEAR you might regret not doing it. But the part that disturbs me is all this NON-Christian behavior among these campers! Liars, theft, gossip, even feelings of contempt or hate?? This isn't exactly godly behavior, and I don't think I would want MY child attending a religious camp built on such a FARCE!!