No matter how hard I try to something right, there's always something to criticize.  Anything I do is never good enough, or it's simply not enough. Why does everyone always have such high standards for me? I'm just a screw up, so don't ask me to do anything. I'll probably do it wrong. No wait, I will  do it wrong.  Why does everything have to be perfect? Why can't people accept that I make mistakes? That's why nobody ever asks me to help them. I'll mess it up, do it wrong, or it won't be good enough to match their high standards.

I'm no one special. And I can't do anything right.
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Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.

It is not uncommon for parents, in the hope of motivating their children to grow, to point out their mistakes and flaws. Though they think this will have positive results, the opposite tends to happen. It only lowers a person's self-esteem and creates a self-fulfilling-prophesy. The child starts to believe that he or she will fail, so either doesn't apply himself or herself or does things to create the failure.<br />
Ask these people who are critical of you what their ob<x>jective is. Is there goal to tear you down or help you to grow? Explain how this criticism is impacting you and offer some alternatives that will address their concerns.<br />
Whatever we focus on is what we'll get more of. If we are critical of the negative, we'll get more negative; If we are appreciative of the positive, we'll get more positive. Educate yourself and the others involved, and, hopefully, you'll start seeing a more stable support system that will enable you to grow and truly feel good about yourself.<br />
Everyone is special. Everyone has something of quality to bring to any situation. You need to understand that you are special. You just haven't discovered your special qualities, yet, as you have been too focused on failure.<br />
If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to send me a private message or continue the discussion here. Best wishes.