I Really Can't

It seems no matter how hard I try to do anything right, I **** it up again. I can't drive, I can't do to well in school, and I can't talk to people without looking like an idiot. And I can't even make a ******* ep story and this story probably sucks. My parents think I don't care, but I do, it's just I don't learn from my mistakes because I'm such an idiot, but I really am trying. I really can't do anything right. And ignore the 18-21 crap, I'm 16.
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there's one obvious thing u can do and it is to make people laugh that story does make me laugh very much soo i think we all fail at somethings in our lives i'm no older than u almost 16 also ... i think that being aware of what is wrong in our lives and what are the things we are doing wrong is pretty much a major success some people don't have the guts to say it even to them selves and some don't have that peace to actually addmit to them selves what is going wrong in their lives and so far they accomplish nothing .. it just sometimes seems that the circumstances is against us and we can't ask the world to be perfect or to be as we want and expect we just be our selves and accept the world for what it is and so the world will accept us as well ... frankly don't give a ****

I wrote this 2 years ago and I'm 18 now so none of this applies

it doesn't have to be like this it really applies if u really want to the power of will is stronger than anything its up to u , ur choice

If that's how you feel now, wait until you get my age! Things don't get easier unless you have money.

I know how you feel. Sometimes I say stuff that never come out the way I'm intending, then I end up sounding like a complete idiot. About not being able to drive, you're still young, you have a few more years to learn to do so. In regard to not being able to make an EP story, I think you're just over-reacting a bit. EP is not about how well you write your story, it's about getting things out.