Baby Sitter

Family is always important that what Jane thought, when she got pregnant. her husband Mike was a regular guy. Both worked, but Jane had to take maternity leave for four months. Jane was a good nurse, the hospital administration gave her the leave and also promised her hours at hospital in the evening.
Mike normally returned around 4.00 pm, and Jane would leave at 3.30 pm.. just half an hour but still they needed to get a help. It was too short for drop and pick from any nursing home and Jane didn't want to keep the baby in the hospital where she worked.
After some search they found a woman, who was retired nurse and was willing to
look after the baby, as they discussed one hour was sufficient. Hence, this arrangement started, unfortunately the woman somehow twisted her ankle and told Jane, that she can't even stand. If, Jane approved she would send her daughter instead, for taking care till the woman recovered.
Jane didn't think much and approved. At 3.30 pm her daughter, Cherry came, she was in her 20s. Jane left the baby with her , after a while the baby started to cry and Cherry started to breast feed her, Cherry had her own child few months back but her boy friend took the child.
Cherry now made this a regular habit, anytime the baby cried she would breast feed him. Then one day, Mike had an emergency meeting, he called Jane that if the baby sitter could stay longer. Cherry agreed and she now started to stay longer. The woman had recovered and wanted to return, but Cherry wouldn't let her mother resume the duty. The baby also got attached with Cherry .
Slowly, Cherry became the mother and one day, she left without anyone knowing. However, she was caught and baby was returned to the family. But, the baby kept on crying , until Cherry came..and now Jane can not deal with this anymore.
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Interesting story.