I Would If I Could and Realy Wish I Could..

I have many reasons that they will not let me donate. From anemia, and my recent bp problems the last 4-5 years and meds for it(when I take them to my veins that roll making it very difficult.

The biggest one which permanently disqualifies me is that when I was 15-16 I contracted Hepatitis A. I'm in no way contagious or able to give it but I have the antibodies now and if you have it after age 12 you are not able to donate.  Makes me sad but I got it from deli food at the grocery store I was working at, its the only food I ate that my family did not and none of them had it.  I would love to help out because only a small teeny 2% or so of those people able to donate actually do. :(  And its in high demand a lot because of it.

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Totally worth the discomfort for a few minutes to save lives. :)<br />
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My grandmother had needed SEVERAL pints in her final years. I'm very grateful that it was there when it was needed for her. Its such a small gift to give but means so much to those who receive it.

I have considered donating blood,and have been thinking about it a lot lately. I hate getting my blood drawn,but I really want to help people.I hope they will accept me!