My ex was bi and I low BP.

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I think the whole gay sex thing is rediculas. The percentages between homosexuals and heterosexuals getting the virus is nearing 60/40% now. They test the blood before use anyway :S

There's a form you fill out to give blood that includes "I have slept with a man who has slept with a man since 1979.". If you check it, they won't take your blood.

Yeah, me too. Anyone to could have HIV/AIDS these days.

I think they're worried about possible exposure to the HIV virus and are assuming that the risk of infection is higher in someone who is bi or has been with a bi partner. <br />
I don't know, it seems silly to me.

What does sexuality have to do with it?

They don't want my blood either. As well as being anemic, I have hepatitis b and c :(