Thank Goodness I Can't ! It Would Not Be Pretty!

My mother had Hepatitis while she was pregnant with me (turns out you can get it during pregnancy).  She was put in isolation until and even after I was born - they put me in the room with her.

So, long story short, I was exposed to Hepatitis at birth, and therefore can not donate blood.

But here is the reason I am THANKFUL - I have Vasal Nerve Syncope - i.e. something triggers my vagal nerve (it is different for different people) and my blood pressure plummits and I faint.  For me, although needles have never scared me, it is any needle put into my body - I even fainted one time after a TB test that I had to take in order to teach (right in front of a bunch of little kids in the Health Department - they got upset and none of them wanted to go back where I had been after that - lol).   So, if I could give blood, you can bet that I would try BUT can you imagine what it would do to me?


I will never get a tattoo of any kind (even though a little one would have been neat) because they would get one dot of ink in me with the needle and I would faint - and then what a tattoo I would have - a dot of ink - woo hoo!

Last story - the other night, our school had a Silent Auction and an Acupuncture Session had been donated for people to bid on - my husband took a look at that and turned to me and said, "Now THAT is the worse present anyone could ever give to you!"  He is soooo right! 

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Interesting stories lol, thank goodness I wasn't around when you fainted in front of kids :P<br />
<br />
Personally I think it's annoying when your body won't let you do something you wanna do, or be prepared to do, dunno if you think the same?