I Don't Drive, But Can A Little!

When I was in high school, I took drivers Ed,my mom wouldn't pay the fees for my to take the drivers test, she felt like I was too little to drive, it's like she was too scared for me... So I never got my licenses ,then when I would ask her to practice she would refuse, or make excuses why I shouldn't, or that I wasn't ready! I feel this has damaged me from the courage to do it! My sisters both drive my mom helped them and ,I can't understand why she gave up on me! Now I'm 37 and I'm so nervous, to drive, now I have had a few boyfriends try to teach me and it's worked a bit but I get nervous , when I'm put on the spotlight, it's like I dnt want anyone to see my mistakes! About two months ago I drove down the street from my house just in the neighborhood, my homegirls asked me to, she was like, Wow u can drive y don't u practice more" I said idk I'm kinda nervous ,.....Well my thing is I hate when people stare , but I guess it's going to be this way because people have to see you anyway right! I want to learn more, and I'm praying it happens this year, cuz I'm sooooo tired of waiting for people to take me somewhere, and having to take certain jobs,it would provide me w more freedom, and open so many new horizons for me!!! Pray for me Yal!
Cataleya37 Cataleya37
36-40, F
1 Response May 5, 2012

Good luck :)