I Have A Drivers License But Never Took A Test.

A few years ago i went to the dl office to get my drivers permit and while i was there they had a black out and all the computers shut down. Two weeks later i received a id in the mail and a few days later i received a drivers license. So really i can drive if i wantet to. I can drive but i am scared to drive on the freeway/ highway. Im 32 now but as a teenager i begged my mother and older siblings to teach me and as a result of no one wanting to teach me i built up this anxiety and i am afraid to drive and dont even understand it my self. I have promised myself that after the holidays i will do whatever it takes to be comfortable driving. Wish me luck.
mystical1919 mystical1919
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

wow you're lucky I wish that would have happened to me