No, I Have Not Gone Back To My Old Ways, So No One Freak Out Please...just Read :)

Since my break-up, I have been extremely broken hearted, even thought I was the one who eneded it, but I ended it, because I felt like I didn't, it was never going to change, and the way things were, was not the way things are suppose to be. Your not suppose to hurt the one you Love, and want to spend your life with. It just is not good....

So since breaking up with him, things have become to change. I have ben crying more and more, been more depressed than usual, I can't eat, i literally have to force myself to eat, I either can't sleep, or all i want to do is sleep all the time. its gotton pretty bad, as to, I just don't know what to do, so I don't do anything.

I am not starving myself, but at the same time, food just doesn't taste right, i forget to eat, its not like im avoiding it or anything, it just, is what it is i guess...i am not trying to avoid eating, i just haven't been hungry, and food just doesn't seem like its something that i really need, tonight i had to force myself to eat something, becasiue i had not eaten all day.

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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I've had this same problem all throughout my school career. I'd hate myself so much that I wouldn't eat. That the stress would make me sick to my stomach if I did. <br />
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My fix? Force a glass of milk down before you go to bed. It makes your stomach more pliable and you feel more naturally encouraged to eat.

O.k. a moment of lucidity from me: as long as you eat enough to sustain yourself, you'll be alright - seriously get help if this continues for more than a couple of days. <br />
I understand sometimes the pit of raw emptiness inside is so deep that there is nothing else, so why eat? The world will roll around, life will come back, and feeling will return (along with appetite hopefully ;) ). I know none of this means anything... but I type along anyway.<br />
It's always so hard to see from the inside that relationships are not worth it if you are not *truly* happy.... if it didn't hurt it now you wouldn't have wasted your time with it in the beginning.<br />
I know my words don't mean anything and I don't even know you.... but I know how you feel - and I hope your feeling gets better soon....<br />
A wish from a stranger