Why Do You Want To Share Me?

when i use to share my wife with my friend at times she use to ask me why do you want to share me and i didn't know the answer . but for a while i got extremely jealous and would not and i think then she wanted to be shared .one night i was left home after we had some drinks and i was told to baby sit the kids while they went out for a few more drinks . she did not come home untill very early in the morning i asked her what she and him had done and she said nothing , but i knew that was not true because her hair and clothes were all dishelved and she went right to bed after taking her clothes off i could tell that she had been well used by him. another time he baby sat when we went out and when we came home i made her be used even though she asked me not let her be shared . i ******** her naked and let him play with her and made her service him orally.she ended up enjoying it and i never made her do it again though .
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

I respect you guys for sharing ypur wife as it is something I could never do...

Because it's the ultimate fantasy we men have!

Sounds familiar had both of those happen to be years ago , and not sure why I did it either .