Stop The World ,i Want To Get Off

Just stop....Damn it JUST STOP! Between what looks to be a 2nd civil war, the rise in mass shootings, Myself becoming an adult who has yet to find a job because of a **** poor economy. I'm an inch away from inventing a flux capacitor and going back to the height of the Moore empire and just chilling there, but seriously...Why can't i just live a typical 18 year old's life?

I mean...Now i'm just ranting but whatever. I used to hope for things to get this messed up when i was a's jacked up i know but i didn't know any better. I wanted an adventure ,no matter the cost and now i got my wish. the world is burning and No one's bothering to hop off instead they're blaming people on the opposite sides of the house when they should be blaming the person who orchestrated it all.. Pseudo intellectuals **** me off too, as if what they deem is reality coming from textbooks (which if i may add are often misconstrued  to fit a particular political agenda i.e. propaganda)..Especially when they bring up the mystical myth of Jet fuel melting steel in minutes to the point where a tower will fall at free-fall speeds into it's own footprint ."SMH"

**** ...
RocketBastard RocketBastard
22-25, M
Jan 22, 2013