Non-existant Words

I am a 22 year old male who lives with his girlfriend. Many fights have escalated much further between the two of us because I cannot express my emotions.

When I was in highschool, i never had a girlfriend till my senior year, and they were mostly stupid little flings, where I never had to actually express to them my eternal love for them. I also had only one real friend, and since we were guys, we didn't talk about our feelings. My mom would never ask me how I was feeling either.

Now that I am 22, I have become crippled when it came to expressing myself emotionally. I have a history of being depressed and not knowing why. I will just sit and stare at my computer or lay in bed or try to distract myself with videogames. But nothing healthy ever comes out. But on good days, like today, i can look back and see that there may be something wrong with me. I have never seen a therapist or anything like that, they kind of wierd me out for some reason.

But I don't really know what I'm trying to get out of writting this. I just get very frustrated when I can not express what I truly feel, especially to my girlfriend.
RedSkittle RedSkittle
1 Response Jul 19, 2010

I think because you know what the issue is, you will, over time, be able to work on expressing your emotions. Especially with the help of your gf. It's possible.