Need Someone To Hold Me In Order To Fall Asleep

every since i got molested when i was twelve...i couldnt fall asleep without no one holding me. someone has to hold me when i sleep or until i fall asleep... and like if i wake up and theyre not there near me or holding me, i will freak out and cry and scream...after i got molested i was so scared of the dark and scared that she will come after time when i was about friend went to take a late shower and i didnt know...i woke upand she wasnt near i started freaking out and cried and scream...i got up and start walking in pitch dark...looking for her...i ended up falling in the hall closet and i felt like something was on me...and i assumed it was elizabeth coming for me...i freaked the hell out and scream and screame and squieming until my friend came to my rescue and helped me up...i cried so dramatically in her arms and said "u left me...u left me" and she said she was sorry... i am 18 and i have to sleep with a nightlight or some kind of light...and someone has to hold if they do it thru email,txt, or person ill be fine but that bad??
rae16 rae16
18-21, F
May 24, 2012