Not Any Kind Of Love..

i can't feel any love.... i'm not in love with anyone... and i dont feel like it!

i've always felt better after a hug... a warm hug... i hugged my sister today... and i kept feeling blank!!

i sit wth my friends and we talk and laugh alot... but.. i dont fell like i really love anyone....

i can't sense if somebody loves me or not! i mean i kno my mom loves me and all... but talk to her.. and hug her.. but... i used to feel different when  i hug people who love me.. i used to feel like some burdens are lighter... some negative energy is released out of me... some coldness  get warmer... but now... i'm cold! i feel nothing... sad things make me feel annoyed! not sad!!

it has alot with my recent feeling dead inside...

ThePeach ThePeach 26-30, F 1 Response Dec 9, 2009

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I totally understand how you feel. I also feel numb inside, like I'm angry all the time, frustrated. I'm single, and I have been in plenty of relationships, with some of the most wonderful guys you could ever meet.... Most women would kill to have such men in there life, but I just can't feel love any of them. Even when I cuddle family, I feel nothing.... I feel no empathy when close ones are sick ect. What the hell is wrong with me??? I'm so scared as I feel I'm going to end up a very lonely old woman :(

hi.. i'm sorry for not answering your comment earlier, i actually remember writing something but apparently for some reason it was not posted.. as you see i wrote this 3 years ago.. and i feel confident to tell you it can change! you do not have to feel like this! it sounds like you have some depression symptoms.. find a therapist you feel like talking to.. and talk.. you will realize many things.. therapists listen to your thoughts and organize them in groups and help you decide why you feel this and why not that... as Selin says in the other comment.. loving yourself does help.. i don't know how it is supposed to happen, but for me, i began with a thought .. who would understand how i feel now, or why i did this and that? i couldn't think of someone better than ME! i should be my new best friend.. good luck my dear :) i hope sometime later you will post again and say you feel different :)