Where Was Your Conscience?

How did you hide yourself so well? I dont know who you are or even who you were.. WHERE WAS YOUR CONSCIENCE? i was mesmerized by your touch, entwined with your Soul, manipulated by the depths of our connection, blinded by passion...I was In love...but WHERE WAS YOUR CONSCIENCE? when our hearts and souls battled through trials, pitfalls, and uncertainties and i stood proudly above our ability to withstand....WHERE WAS YOUR CONSCIENCE? All Those memorable moments when we laughed cried picked eachother up and sat eachother down...WHERE WAS YOUR CONSCIENCE?...Why am i aware of the past, why cant i forget, why do i feel haunted by this helpless feeling of despair, I meant what i said, i still do, Im so confused, YOU?? really? but...WHERE WAS YOUR CONSCIENCE? were you there? did you feel that? did you mean that? IF so why doesnt your CONSCIENCE have the ability to steer your heart? Do you fight it, or does it root on your indecisiveness? Love is something you feel something you know...SO where is your conscience?
hwood773 hwood773
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 1, 2012

Beautifully written, I hope time is healing you and providing some positive experiences! You deserve boundless amounts of happiness!