I'm getting surgery. Has anyone ever had surgery before? If so please message me. I am wondering if it is safe or scary. P.S. It's not on my ankle it's on my chest.
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I take care of many children who have chest surgery. Why do you need the surgery?
Good luck you will be fine

I have pectus excavatum

I was thinking that's what you might have. Did you have the surgery yet?


I'm not even sure I can afford it

Are you on your parents insurance?

I'm a pediatric nurse in the ICU

I hope you get to have the surgery. Are you in pain from your chest?

When I jog for like a min it hurts like hell and I usally have trouble breathing

Then you should be able to have the surgery without worrying about payment

Your insurance will cover the surgery

Ok that's good :)

But the surgery seems scary and I can't stop think in about it

It's very normal to be worried but try not to worry because they
Do this surgery all the time. And just think after you recover you will be able to do what ever you want without being in pain

If you are in pain and can't exercise then you need the surgery sooner than later. When will you know more about when the surgery will be?

Well... I haven't really talked to my parents yet

What state do you live?

Massachusetts I think I'll go to Boston's children's hospital

Boston children's is the best hospital in the country if not the world. You are in great hands


I'm just worried cause everybody makes mistakes

They won't make any mistakes with your surgery

And just curious are you a surgeon or nurse

I don't know

Oh and do you think my health insurance would cover my surgery

I think I have "blue cross" btw

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