Two Years Worth Of Jobhunting

I have a job, I've had one for two years. But I hate it. It's in retail, the wage is low and I only work fifteen hours a week. After my car payments, phone and internet bills and other expenses, I have virtually nothing left for myself, if I'm even lucky to afford that much. I've been sending out applications, dropping resumes and going to job interviews since 2008. I actually had a job offer a couple of months ago, but I turned it down. I'm kicking myself for that. I turned it down because it was a very slight step down, but financially I would have been much better off.

There's nothing out there. And when there is a semi-appealing job offer, I'm generally one of several hundred other applicants to send in a resume.
I just had a reasonably good interview last week where the manager was impressed and expressed a strong interest in hiring me, but of course, I got the typical email that starts with "we regret to inform you" blah blah blah.

It's funny how every single place only hires people with experience. How do people get experience in the first place then if every workplace hired with that motto?

I really hope that it doesn't take me another two years to find a better job. Next time I get an offer, I'll be sure not to turn it down.

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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Even when a company places an emphasis on experience, the HR at a particular banking company will make idiot decisions like hiring a new grad with little experience over somebody that has a good amount like me.

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