Is There Anyone Out There Like Me?

I have been on EP for a while and many other chat rooms and to this date I have not found anyone with the same principles and view on the world as I do. I see the world as a empty hole where people only care about physical items and only about themselves. Everyone is a slave to society! I see death differently to the majority of other people, when people I know die I accept it in a second, I have never shead a tear over someones death, and I have lost nearly a dozen close relatives. I spend slot of my time listening to heavy metal and emo core (but I think emo's are a bunch of whiney babies). I have friends but I can easily accept if they die. I have very little reason to live but I think suicide is for those who are weak. And I never want to have a family because I don't want anyone to have to anyone realise how cold I am, because they will probably think I am a monster.

And I strongly belive that the best solution for humanity is to be wiped out from existance because we only seem to destroy.

If their is anyone in EP who might even come close to how I feel leave a cment so I can have a view on how you see the world, or if your a person who thinks I'm just very weird feel free to leave a comment. Because seriously I just don't care.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I understand you and I find your view very interesting maybe in time we could trade views of the world in greater detail. But unlike you I haven't found anyone I can love. But hopefully in time I may.<br />
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Chances are you won't even read this comment anyway. But If you do I hope you have only good things happen to you in the future, and never forget who you are.

hmm, i have also struggled in the "big" strive to find someone like me and yet my efforst never prove anything. I wish i could find someone like me to relate to, but who knoew when of if that will happen. I personally acept your veiw on the world, but i think of it in a different way. I believe that humans can not help but to destroy, we are extremely unintelegent and we have no way to grasp any other way to be. I am atheist, yet i still believe that everybody has a spirit, I believe there is a spark that makes everybody the way they are and when the die, there spirit is still there. Like a ghost that is lost, yet peacefully at home. I feel bad when someone I truely desperately love is gone, because i feel that i will never have their love again, ever. And their love cannot be replaced by anyone elses, because it is different. It just is, I miss them desperately. I don't think you are aa monster, i just think you have a different way of dealing with things, so don't try to change your self. You are you. And by the way, i also believe that humanity should become extinct, the world would be so much better off.