Why Can't They?

It seems to me that I'm the only person that thinks and believes the way I do. I can see some things plain and simply(it would seem). Nobody sees it that way. They think  I'm either crazy or stupid. People do things that make no sense to me. When I ask them why they do it. I never get a straight answer. It is like they do things without thinking. They do things not knowing or caring if it effects someone else. Unless it is them that get upset or hurt. Then it matters when it didn't when they did it. It doesn't matter unless it is them. I don't treat people like that. It not hard for me to do it. Why can't they do it too?
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I have been searching for somebody else who thinks like that. There is a so-called 'personality scale' called the Myers-Briggs scale, which categorizes us into 16 different mindfr<x>ames. Do research on INTJ, and maybe take a test online to see if you are INTJ. The information will astound you.

I always know why I do things. I aswell am always suprised when the answer is "I dont know" kind of frustrated too. Seems like people are not in touch with their motives and emotions...

i think everyone has a reason for doing things, they're just not ready to accept them to the rest of the world and it's much easier to say<br />
" i dunno... "

maybe it is your level of maturity and understanding for certain things that makes you different from these people. You might already know things that others have yet to learn. Sometimes I feel the same way, isolated and alone because nobody really understands or feels the same way about things as I do. They tend to ignore the things that are important to me, and they just cant see the beauty or importance of these everyday miracles. They hurt and kill the things I love, they leave paths of destruction wherever they go and I hate them for that, but my hatred isnt enough to change them. I've realized that these are lessons they have to learn on their own, eyes that have to be opened. EP is a great way to find other people who think like you. Perhaps if you wait a while, someone will come along who feels the same way. Good luck!

VERY WELL SAID MY FRIEND! i have a similar idea in mind. as to why people do stuff that makes no sense.

Because people for the most part only care about themselves no mater what they may say. Some people take longer to grow as a person that others do. I guess consider yourself lucky? I do know from where you come from on this subject.