Me+old School=oxymoron?

Good Day to you all........... If you have read any of my posts you will see that I am not a plain Jane (Joe) straight vanilla person, however I am of the old school. I am old enough to remember "I like Ike" as a youngster I had my picture taken with him. I remember JFK, Cuban Missile Crisis, The Watts riots, Apollo Landing on the Moon, The first 747, Lucy, The three Stooges, Howdy Dowdy and so on............ Some of this was good while other parts were a wake up call.

I was surfing the net the other day and came across an article about a Skateboard exhibit in Santa Monica, California. I have lived on both coasts and in between and do know of such things. I thought this article was going to be a post about the current scene to which I have no connection to. It was to my surprise and delight  it was about "our" generation--Sidewalk Surfers. Back then skate boards--at least my did--consisted of old metal wheel skates mounted on a 2 by 4. No fancy paint jobs, no Neoprene(?) wheels. Growing up where I lived in California we had smooth level sidewalks which made for some fine skating. Going down those walks though with metal wheels gave you the sound of another pleasant oldie that I remember and if you lived in the Los Angeles region you will know what I mean---A Pacific Electric Car going down the streets. This did bring back memories and lots of them. So what am I trying to say here? The old days were better. Yes, I was a youngster and had no idea of the seriousness of the world around me but at the same time everything seemed so much more genuine. A Corvette was just that and a Mustang was just that, no confusing the two. Today's world or at least since 1985 to me has become a homogeneous thing and where is the real item? Cars?--all rounded loaves of Bread on 4 wheels or else Locomotives on streets(SUV's). Yes there has been social change and it is an ongoing thing--its been a blessing and sometimes a curse for me. Look around you though, what is really distinguishing in today's world? Remember when you went to church and came home feeling good about God? Now it is a political arena and sadly with the scandals more as well. Turn on the TV. These "Reality Shows" are a crock. Can you really compare "Survivor, Fear Factor, The Real Housewives of where-ever to "Deadliest Catch"? Regardless on your stance on fishing the seas, these guys do a real job and a dangerous job, its not all fluff or "do it once, get paid and its over", these guys do it months at a time year after year. Oh by the the way, so do Police Officers, Soldiers, Paramedics, and Firemen---Genuine people. Now I must admit I do watch Gene Simmons "Family Jewels" but Gene seems like a truly nice person as does his "Queen" Shannon does, kids too.

Today, everything is a slickered packaged and a lot of hype. Heard any original music lately, seems to me that old songs are being recycled over and over, don't get me started on Hip-Hop, Rap. Every week in our local paper a new band is discovered, meteors in the sky, I call them. Movies? with the exception of some of the animations, I have followed only the works of Mr. Depp, Mr. Neeson, and Mr. Murphy. Avatar is very good but then it is in a class by itself.

By now to most of you I sound like a CRANKY OLD WHINER. I am not, it is just then when I was growing up it seemed better. Long live, Skate-boards, Lionel trains, Ford Station wagons, Bob's Big Boy, Beach Boys, KHJ Radio, and all those other icons that shined upon this youngster as he was experiencing life around him. All material things, I grant you.

Inside I have finally have come of age. I like to discuss anything that does not have to be concerned with our present circumstances, there is already enough of that. I have learned I am not a Judge and will not do so. Everyone has there own secret areas and most of us are afraid to go there much less discuss them. but as I have said in my other posts---You are a book, I want to read you and hopefully learn from you as well. We even might have some things in common and better yet realize we may not be alone with our thoughts.                     Take Care..............................

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Thank-you for reading. I just get a little nostolgic in the spring. I remember a lot of this happing in spring and the spring of my youth as well. While I realize the old days had their problems, to a youngster of 9 years it seemed somewhat removed. I think I grew up in a good era though and wouldn't trade. Thanks again................PT

An interesting story. <br />
When you talk about the media, politics, and religion I couldn't agree more it’s a joke.<br />
I would only disagree with you in that I would rather discuss or think about how to improve things than reminisce about the past. Many things have changed for the worse but just as many things have changed for the better, and while the good old days may have been just that they had their fair share of problems too.<br />
All in all I enjoyed reading it though.