I'm Alone.....

I can't find anyone to love. Why do I need someone to love? Why do i need someone to feel happy and stay happy? Why am i always so depressed? I hate bills and money. Why is it so hard to make money? Why is everyone smarter then me? I hate her so much. She hurt me in ways that do not seem to heal. I want someone new. Someone that can make me happy and ill do the same in return. I tremble...... I need to stay alive. I know i can get past this. All these thoughts are so confusing. I'm lost........ I need help...... I'm alone........

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I feel really alone too .. or else I wouldn't be on here... I keep hoping to meet people who get me.. but it seems to be unsuccessful ..

i have experienced life good and bad, we learn from love and pain and everyone is an individual. Everything comes to those who wait., ive had abusive relationships and those who have cheated on me, nobodybody is perfect though we like to think so,you need time ti grieve and find yourself and learn to enjoy yourself before you can have a better relationship. This will give you time to have a better and more fullfilling one. Good luck.

Love yourself. The only person can not betray you is YOU. Dont look for happiness in others :) Its no use.

I ask myself these questions alot ant it totally torments me . I understand what your feeling I was in a relationship 6 days ago and for 6 days ive been in pain and wondering just that why do i need anyone .. the truth is we need to love us not base out whole life on them they dont have power over us.. <br />
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there's a saying one must learn to love oneself....with a wholesome and healthy love,so that one can bear to live with oneself and not NEED to roam..