Before I use to tell him I love him every time we talk or every 30 minutes. A few days ago he cheated on me for the second time and I caught him the same day and confronted him though he still said he said he didn't and I had the pictures to prove. On February 1st of this year ( I have to say we've been together for 3 1/2 years now will be 4 in November) He cheated on me for the first time I knew because I heard telling his brother about it but nothing happened in the room because the girl started crying (she has a boyfriend) so I asked him to tell me the truth and I would forgive him and he did. I forgave him. He never went into a room with a girl but everyday he's always asking girls to send him pics of their private parts. Until recently he started talking to this new girl, I just knew something was going to happened between them. They would spend long hours talking on the phone. I told how I feel and asked him to stop but everyday he would say "we're just friends". A few day ago we spent 1 1/2 hour talking, with him telling me why he would never cheat on me with this girl. But just knew I guess in a way I had prepared myself for this.

What a fool I was (smile). The next day as I am sitting having my hair done I receive pics from his phone as he was taking them. Imagine, he did just the opposite of what he said the night before.

It's not much of what they did that hurt, it's because I really believed him the night before. That same day I again confronted him but this time he denied and we spent the whole night fighting until we fell asleep each on our side.'

The next morning after a lot of reflecting I decided it's not worth throwing away all we had built and everything we've been through because he made a bet with his colleagues from work that he could sleep with her. So again I forgave him and we haven't said a word about since then, It's been 5 days.

I started convincing myself that maybe he didn't do it until I overheard him explaining it to co-worker. All I wanted was to hear it from his mouth so I could know I'm not crazy.

We've lived together for almost 2 1/2 years. I love him but I can't say the words. What is happening to me. I feel like I am being a hypocrite. Every time he touches just makes me cry and I start thinking and imagining what he did with her.

Is my heart just hurting??Should I keep fighting??
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A good idea not with me tho is to get back at him by doin what he did to u n chances are it won't happen again