A Lesson Learned!

I took me a very LONG time to learn this! I didn't love myself, when my horrible exes came across my paths. I was looking for others to love me first, before I could love myself. That thinking was "bass ackwards"! And that's why, I think, my exes were such horrible people. I think I gave out the aura that I was broken and needed someone to give me self-esteem... which the creeps and criminals picked up on and tried to take advantage. :-/

BUT, even since August 2008... the curse was broken. I was able to love myself, my flaws and all, and accept me for me. And by December, I had some self-esteem and confidence about myself. And so, that's when a decent guy came along! It didn't work out for us, for minor differences, but he is my first ex that I still like! I usually want to forget my exes and try to pretend that they never happened! So, this is new! :-D

So, this gives me hope and teaches me a lesson! I know that someday I will find love! And the lesson is, I couldn't have found it before, because I didn't love myself. And now that I do, it's possible! ;-)

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

I know it's true -- you've got to love yourself first, but how do you actually do it? I have these wild swings where one day I think I'm totally wonderful (sorry for the immodesty) and then the next day I'm horrible. Just logically, it can't possibly be. Is it what I read somewhere that the most difficult thing for people to accept about themselves is that they are perfectly and totally average? Nothing special. Nothing horrible. <br />
<br />
Anyway, if any of you wise souls have the answer, please please I'd love to hear.