Is It Possible to Get Worse Than Not Finding Love?

Because I think I'm there. I found two different wonderful guys. They both worshipped and adored me for the first bit. But then, I swear to you, once I finally became comfortable and really let down my guard and, I guess, let them see the real me more, they both quit loving me. That's worse, right?
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Thank you! You are absolutely right. And part of it is probably that I need to be slightly less crazy :) But I know you are's just hard sometimes. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means a lot!

Oh, I'm so sorry, I misunderstood. I hope that this doesn't keep you from opening up to someone in the future. Maybe you are holding back too much at the beginning. I know you don't want to tell all about yourself in a few dates but revealing more of your true self in the short-run will help you in the long-run.<br />
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I'm just trying to give ideas, I know little of your real life situation so I hope I'm not sounding like a complete idiot.

Neither of them were people I met on the Internet. The first one was my husband. The second was my boyfriend after I got divorced...who I just found out is moving :( I don't know which is worse but definitely both hurt too much!

well I can speak from the other side and loneliness really sucks

they say to love and lost is better.... i disagree. to love and lose HURTS, and takes a long time to heal.

I think love is a really strong word to use when referring to someone you've met on the internet. It's nice getting to know people and having intimate conversations but love between men and women can't just be electronic communications.