I Gotta Feeling

I get tired of always being the one reaching out.  Being the one to move first.  It feels uncomfortable to me now.  I don't like it.  Is it wrong of me to grow weary of this?  To wish it different?  To want more?  To expect more?  To require more?  To deserve more?  Is it wrong to want these things?

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*sigh* I am no stranger to these feelings. God, I love depth. *squeeze*

((((((((you))))))) *sighs*

" to deserve more," and know it.

i know how you feel...sometimes i feel like i am reaching out to arms that are closed...but the arms that open, few they may be, makes the journey worthwhile

Yes, shenightowl open arms always make the journey worthwhile:) Thanks for stopping by.

Truer words have not been spoken. Keep asking and seeking a few people will respond. Time may pass but it's worth the journey and effort. I would loved to keep up with your stories I have enjoyed a few this morning. Will you add me as a friend to make my search a little easier and productive? I always ask before adding someone to my circle. Be well Freestanding, Rubye

Thanks for your comment Rubye,I am glad you stopped by. Happily I have added you :)

Me too, I like your common sense and attitude your caring shows.

Thank you so much.

Who knows?! :) Thanks Ari.

You know ladies, do you ever feel that way back when... you played your cards all wrong? I hear tell there are some women out there that are flooded with attention...I wonder how they played their cards?

Ladies we must take action!!!! Any clues?!<br />
<br />
Marji---big love!

Sucks doesn't it destry? What can we do?

Awww, Done...you're so sweet, thank you, Doll. :)

Frito, thank you for understanding. I often feel that no one get this. Thank you...I needed at least one person to understand. I feel better. You know, I wrote this for the express purpose of putting out there for the 'gods' to hear....cuz I can say it all day long and still 'they' don't really hear me.

No it's not wrong but sure can be disappointing...I sometimes feel the same way.<br />
I believe it's about equality...wanting more balance...wanting to be wanted...and not always being the good old reliable one who will always come through. Here's to you NancyDrew for wanting, deserving, expecting and requiring more! I hope the gods are listening!