It Still Sounds Like A Dream!

it was the 20th of Nov 2011 4am in the morning when i received a call from his best friend that he has had a tragic car accident and didnt blood froze and ever since my lige has never been the same again,i cried but it all seems like am still dreaming.the last words i said to him was" bye babe see you tomorrow".i really miss him thinkin of him every minute.i never understand why he left me despite all the plans we had together.i wish he could hear or see the suffering he left on me,but what do i do now,im single and lonely,always looking at his photos,and missing him.will i ever get over him,just wondering...RIP dirm..
tshikoh tshikoh
1 Response May 13, 2012

I feel that way to my boyfriend died April 10th 2013, it hasn't been a year yet but I know the feeling of hoping wishing its all a dream I need help wish there was some place to help me I've tried everything and nothing has taken this pain and nothing changes he's gone and I feel helpless